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Welcome Momentum user!  If you want to provide authorizations (mandates) for your Self-Sovereign Identity solution, then look no further! This page holds the manual in order to connect to our service.

In this guide, we will teach you how to connect your agents to ours running on the Sovrin testnet, powered by Hyperledger Aries and Indy. When this has been established, you will be able to give authority to an identity in order to perform actions on your behalf, like authorizing an employee to act on behalf of a company. This is also the use case which is described in this manual. Keep in mind that the employee here can also be called the representative requesting credentials, and the company is the dependant or delegator approving the requested credentials.

SSI gives the power of sharing your credentials back to where it belongs: The holders of the credentials, like YOU! As a person, as the owner of your own identity!

A bit overwhelmed? Understandable, this is a lot to take in. But no worries, we’ve got you covered! Within this guide, we will briefly explain the basics of SSI and its agents, which you can of course skip if you know the drill, as well as a complete step-by-step tutorial in order to connect to our service. Easy to connect and easy to maintain!

Tutorial Connecting Hyper42 SSI

Please keep in mind that the messages we now send to our service are defined in JSON. This is not user friendly, of course! The purpose of this prototype is to show that our solution works with ordinary agents. A nice GUI can be easily built on-top, for creating schema definitions, sending mandate requests and sending mandate approvals.